Min Jun

Name ➟ Min Jun

Posisi in 2PM ➟ lead Vocalist
Nickname ➟ Jun.K, Panda
Date of birth ➟ 15th January 1988
Height ➟ 180cm
Weight ➟ 66kg
Blood Type ➟ A
Religion ➟ Buddhist
Languages ➟ Korean, English (in order of fluency)
School ➟ DongA School For The Arts
Hobbies ➟ Composing, Fashion, Mengoleksi aksesoris dan sepatu
Specialties ➟ Singing, Writing (themes)
Ideal Woman ➟ Seorang Gadis yang terlihat cantik ketika dia tersenyum
Fav Food ➟ Sourpatch, Sushi

First Seen ➟ -Nil-
Shows ➟ Mnet Hot Blood (2008), MBC Idol Army (2008-2009), Mnet It�s Time 2PM (2009), Mnet Wild Bunny (2009), KBS Star Golden Bell (2009), MBC Infinite Girl (2009), MBC Pretty Boy Generation (2009), MBC Infinite Challenge (2009), KBS Win Win (2010), O�Live Show-Top Celebrity (2010), Fantasy Couple (2010), SBS Strong Heart (2010), Immortal Song (2011 & 2012)


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