Kim Min Hee

My pic

Hi! Want to know my name? you can call me 민희(Min Hee). I want to be a mysterious girl, so don’t be curious about who I am. if you’re still curious, seek me and you find me behind the amount of the fresh leaves. #Code

Just an ordinary girl who want to be a professional writer and photography. Makes everyone happy is my motto. Aquarius is my Zodiac and 9 is my lucky number. Trying to finish a FanFiction to be a great author.

When fate says “No” to us and I tried to change it to ‘Yes’

I’m Hottest and Proud of it! Nichkhun Addict and Big Fans of Song Joong Ki, Lee Donghae, Choi Sooyoung, Kim Sun Woong and Xi Luhan. Cause Nichkhun, i can’t fallin in love with other boys in my real life, but it’s okay. i want to wait until someone can accept me as myself

I’m Stalker, I’m who make a header for this blog, manage this blog! 🙂

add me on LINE: minhee165 or follow me on Twitter and Instagram  ^o^

Gomawo! ^o^


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