Choi Hwa Hwa aka. Cho Kyuvi

Annyeonghaseyo All ^_^ !!
Naneun Novia imnida or My name is Novia Kawajaya *Gaje*
My Korean Name is Choi Hwa Hwa or Cho KyuVi.
My Japan name is Nakamura Yumi. I’m 97 lines. I come from Palembang, Indonesia. I’m School at SMK Xaverius 1, in palembang.

I’m just an ordinary girl, There isn’t special in my life or my love *makin gaje*

“in my dictionary life, There isn’t word Give up in my Life”
I’m especially ELF but, I’m Queens, Beauty, Hottest, Shawol too.

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~_~ Gamsahamnida ^_^


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